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Hardware Overview

The RetroCade Synth is a combination of the Papilio Pro FPGA board, the RetroCade MegaWing, and an optional control dashboard that runs on a computer. The full feature set of the RetroCade Synth requires the expanded memory available in the Papilio Pro FPGA board, we recommend that new users purchase the Papilio Pro and RetroCade MegaWing combo. For users that already have a Papilio One and just want to purchase the RetroCade MegaWing take a look at the Feature Matrix to determine what is supported.

RetroCade MegaWing

The RetroCade MegaWing provides all of the audio hardware needed to make sweet retro music in one convenient and easy to connect circuit board. It snaps into the Papilio Pro and gives it the necessary hardware resources to communicate with the outside world.

Papilio Pro LX9

The Open Source Papilio Pro LX9 FPGA board is a powerful and flexible platform that provides the core for exciting projects such as the RetroCade Synth and the Papilio Arcade. It acts as the empty canvas that classic audio chips and arcade motherboards can be recreated on. Its flexible nature means that it can be re-used with future Papilio projects by simply purchasing the MegaWing portion of a project.

RetroCade Feature Matrix

RetroCade Synth Feature Matrix

RetroCade Synth FeaturesPapilio Pro LX9Papilio One 500KPapilio One 250K
SID Audio 
YM2149 Audio 
MOD Files  
SD Card Support  

Open Source FPGA SynthsPapilio Pro LX9Papilio One 500KPapilio One 250K
Gateman Poly Synth*
SK Synth* 

Note 1: The Open Source Gateman Poly and SK Synth will be ported to the RetroCade hardware soon.

NOTE: The RetroCade hardware does not require the Control Dashboard or a computer. All features of the RetroCade Synth are hardware based and only require the Papilio and RetroCade MegaWing combo.

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