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The RetroCade is an Open Source Hardware project intended to put powerful FPGA Synthesizer hardware in the hands of both hackers and musicians. It has been developed completely open and community oriented from day one. Hacking the hardware and making contributions is not only allowed, it is greatly encouraged! In fact, many of the design elements, such as using the Arduino IDE, were deliberately used to make the device accessible to as many people as possible. So we want to make it as easy as possible to get involved and contribute to the continued development of the RetroCade Synth. Whether you want to help with documentation, contribute tips, or write a new Synth for the RetroCade, this is the place to go to find out how to get involved.


If you see any typos, weird sentence structures, or have something to add to the RetroCade Wiki (the website you are viewing now) then you are welcome to make changes. Scroll to the bottom of any page and hit the "Edit Page" link. It will prompt for a password which is gadget. Be sure to add your Author information so we know who to thank for the contributions. We always appreciate help with documentation, it is the part of a project that really makes or breaks it, so anything that makes it better is welcome.

Code Contribution

Contribute code for the RetroCade Sketch

It can often become difficult to keep up with code contributions that are just attached to a forum post. We would ask that you make it easy for us and use the following procedure to contribute code:

Github has a windows git client that is decent, you can download it from their home page.

  • Make a commit and push your changes to your Github account.
  • Generate a Pull Request on the Github website in your forked repository. This will send a request back to us and allow us to very easily review your changes and merge them into the official RetroCade Repository.

Contribute code for the RetroCade System on Chip (SOC)

The procedure for making changes for the ZPUino SOC HDL is the same as above, but use the ZPUino-HDL repository instead.

Dashboard contributions

For the Dashboard, it is OK to simply post your latest fsm files to the forum with a description of what changes were done and how.

Tips and Tricks, Tutorials, Links

Anyone can contribute information to the RetroCade Projects area.
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